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Every Shade Of Ambassador

As many of you may know I am an Ambassador on the wonderful App Abillion we have been working together for a while now.


They got in touch with me asking if I wanted to spread the word of their goal as well as their App and after using their App for a while to make sure this is something I not only enjoy using myself but find useful for all of you wonderful Shadefooders and I decided to cooperate with them.

Abillion is a review and discovery platform for vegan food and items! Every review converts into a donation to save animals which is fantastic! I myself have uploaded a few reviews up until now and I do it on a regular to not only assist those who are looking to transition into a vegan lifestyle but to help donate to various organisations and their goal to help animals everywhere.

1. Download the APP and join me, let's make this world an easier place as a vegan.
2. Don't forget to add referral code SHADEFOOD when you register to help support the cause!

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