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Hello my lovelies.
On this website I want to share how my journey for a healthy diet led me into a diet I didn't consider as an option.
I have always had meat in my diet and if I would go one day without meat I would feel as if I hadn't really eaten proper and whilst looking into a healthy diet I came across a lot of vegan meals.
Being the curious soul I am I didn't reject it I wanted to know, learn and see if this diet would me something for me and here's my journey exploring the life as a vegan and how I implement it to my life every day.

So in my blog I share recipes which helped me transition into becoming vegan and I want to share what works for me and also share how this lifestyle have had an impact on my overall health.

I also share how I am trying to recover from being burnt out due to work related stress and what I am doing to overcome that step by step.

As well as sharing my thoughts, my life and the joys and beauty there is all around us.

As such Every Shade of Food came to be. If you'd like you're most welcome to join me.

I can now happily say that I have been vegan for over 2 years!

My life vegan style | Blog



As some of you might know I live in Sweden. I don't know how many of you have been here but I do highly recommend it.
If you like myself enjoy the little things, the cosy and subtle things in life and most of all the vast amount of nature. It's stunning.

I recently spent my vacation here in Sweden this year and I will share my experience on my blog as well as a video on it in the near future.
I find that many people will travel far away while on vacation which I honestly understand but I am happy to have travelled in Sweden and I will certainly do so again.

If your curious about my life blogs I will add links down below so you can keep up to date as many of them will take part in Sweden.

I am happy to take you on a journey along with me!

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