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A Collection Of Ingredients

This gallery contains some of the most reoccurring ingredients that I use in my everyday life.

I found that transitioning into becoming a vegan proved mostly difficult because my pantry lacked in many of the ingredients required to not only create recipes but also make sure that I got the nutrition I need from day to day.

I am really happy that I took the time to transition as it made it easier for me to finally fully becoming vegan as I gradually implemented more plant-based food into my diet and that helped me not become unmotivated and to keep pushing forward. Gradual change was easier for me to cope with and while doing so my pantry expanded with each new knowledge I have come across.

Below I have added images of what I currently have available in my pantry and I will update this on a regular as I implement new ingredients into my diet and hopefully it will help guide you as you try on some of the recipes I have made available on Every Shade Of Food.

I have added links to the pantry items in case your interested, however they do link to Swedish websites as I am located in Sweden, I have named each item accordingly so a quick google search might help aid anyone of you who might not be located in Sweden.

Feel free to explore, simply click an image to expand and find further information.

Various beans

Various berries

Various beverages

Various cleaning articles