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Abillion | Black Goat | Donation | Ambassador

Hello my lovelies! I wanted to highlight a challenge for a great cause where abillion aims to raise another $9000 before the end of this month so they can reach their goal of donating a total of $18,000 to Black Goat.

The funds would help cover the cost of running the sanctuary for the rest of the year.

Every dollar raised for Black Goat they will double that and donate an additional dollar.

Over $6,200 has been donated to Black Goat this month so far, and that's excluding the double donations!

How to join the cause:

1. Download the app at and join.

2. Don't forget to add referral code SHADEFOOD. Found at the account tab.

3. Post reviews and donate to Black goat.

Black Goat:

If you're already a follower be active and help the cause.

They are also featuring other wonderful sanctuaries run by LGBTQ+ : Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary in New Zealand, Happy Hen in the United States, and Fundacion Santuario Gaia in Spain and I will add a link so you can read about their stories and get engaged.

LGBTQ+ sanctuaries:

Good luck Shadefooders and thank you all for being so wonderful!

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