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Abillion | Critter Creek | RASTA Sanctuary | Donation | Ambassador

Hello my lovelies and happy Friday! I wanted to shed some light at two sanctuaries which have done so many wonderful things for various animals and what we can do to help them.

Critter Creek recently rescued 40 cows that were left to starve in a field littered with animal corpses.

When South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue first contacted the sanctuary about these cows, Erin, the Founder of Critter Creek, thought that they would only be able to take in a couple of the cows. But once she saw the photos of the animals, she immediately changed her mind and set out to rescue all of them. their website if you wish to read about them.

Critter Creek is hoping to raise $20,000; so the goal is to reach $10,000 reviews to help them reach their goal.

RASTA Sanctuary wants to build a n barn which will house close to 30 pigs and senior animals, providing a dry and warm space in winter, and a cool sheltered space in summer. RASTA also hopes to construct a quarantine and medical stall with the funds, so that they can properly quarantine and treat new rescues.

RASTA is hoping to raise $25,000; that's 12,500 reviews to help them reach their goal. their website if you wish to read about them.

Every dollar raised for Critter Creek and Rasta; Abillion they will double that and donate an additional dollar.

How to join the cause:

1. Download the app at and join.

2. Don't forget to add referral code SHADEFOOD. Found at the account tab.

3. Post reviews and donate to Critter Creek and RASTA.

If you're already a follower be active and help the cause.

Our previous goal to help reach $9000 for Black Goat was reached and I can't thank you all enough for the help you've been contributing. I send so much love your way!

Good luck Shadefooders and thank you all for being part of the Shadefood family!

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