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Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all doing well and even more so

excited that I am back on track with my blogs again. I most certainly am!

I have been focusing mostly on my recipes for a while now and that is due

to being able to manage my time better as work and private life does take

a large chunk out my daily time. I honestly needed to prioritize my life

this way to keep myself happy and sane.

Now I do feel more back on track and I want to begin blogging again, share

my life with all of you again because it makes me happy and I hope you are

looking forward to it too.

I have missed this and with that said I hope you will join me in my everyday!

I also wanted to announce the winners of the give away which you can find below.

1. CJ V'mann1

2. Dagmar alvin

3. Bror Arnborg

4. Kristina Mirjam

5. Johanna Blomma

I will contact you so we can arrange the shipping of your price to you.

Thank you all for everything! Love you.

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