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Arrack pastry | Vegan-Gluten free

Uppdaterat: 16 mars 2021

Happy Friday my lovelies! When we last visited Ana we had a BBQ and being the sweetheart she is she had bought arrack pastries only to realize they weren't vegan which had me inspired to make my own vegan version. They turned out wonderful even friends and family enjoyed these and never thought twice about them being vegan which is a win, win. I hope you have had a great end to your week and that the weekend will be enjoyable for you all!

What you need for sponge cake:

4 dl (1.6 cups) gluten free flour

1 1/2 dl (0.6 cups) sugar

2 tsp baking powder

100g vegan butter (room temperature)

2 dl (0.8 cups) vegan milk

What you need for Arrack Pastry (Arraksbollar):

1 1/2 (0.6 cups) dl sugar

125g vegan butter (room temperature)

3 tbsp cacao powder

1 dl (0.4 cups) punch or 2 tsp arrack aroma in

1/2 dl (0.2 cups) of water

150g chocolate sprinkles

If you don't want to make the sponge cake from scratch you need 500g of sponge cake

if that's available to you at the grocery.

Otherwise we will make it from scratch and begin preheating the oven to 175°C (350°F)

Next mix room temperature vegan butter and sugar until smooth then add the vegan milk and mix until combined. Next add the dry ingredients little by little while mixing

this batter will look thick once combined.

Place baking paper in a baking form and pour in your batter. Place in the middle of the

oven for about 45 minutes. Once done allow it to cool before moving onto the next step.

Break up the sponge into a food processor add the vegan butter, cacao, punch (arrack aroma) and sugar and blend until smooth. I found that I didn't have cool this batter before rolling it up but if it seems too soft simply cool it in the fridge for 30 minutes to an hour before rolling them up.

Once you can roll them make them about the size of a golf ball and coat them with chocolate sprinkles. Place in the fridge and eat when you fancy.

Makes about 18-20 balls.

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