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Assumptions and first impressions | Blog

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies. This week I want to share more things about myself the past have been more focused on the wonders of food and diet but spending time with my family and loved ones makes me not only appreciate them but also realise just how little we know about each other, how much that is based on assumptions and first impressions.

I am no better in this regard but I have over the years due to my experiences learnt that there is always more to people then they lead on and to lead by example more often than not does pay off. My own family have had it's challenges and to this day we still make each day work. I have loving parents, two wonderful brothers and a significant other that I love dearly who also loves and appreciates me in return.

This Saturday my beautiful mum who is turning 60 made a spectacle of a party to celebrate all those wonderful years not only with us but with a large part of her family.

I used to dread going to these parties unless a certain few where there that I could get along with because unfortunately many of them don't know how to be civil, show love instead of jealousy and rudeness and being younger I couldn't relate, didn't get why I would receive unwarranted hate don't get me wrong it doesn't justify it happening everyone got their share of this and it's such a shame,

Whenever we would have big family gatherings it would be at my parents place because if there's anything our family has in common it is our love for my mum she has a way to bring balance make you feel that you can achieve anything and her eternal support is out of this world and I want to live not only by her example but both of my parents as they are as genuine and loving as it gets. So instead of having all my thorns outwards whenever we would meet up I would do what I wished they would do be genuine ask about their life, compliment them and call them out when they would act rude so they are aware that it is uncalled for.

But to get back to my mum's birthday there was definitely a differently atmosphere everyone were happy, talking, enjoying each others company and most of all we were all generous because we care and love one another. When my mum got her gifts the sheer amount of thought and love was shown there. We all sang happy birthday in three different languages and it all felt like home.

Something that came out was honesty people talking about their life openly without shame because coming from a rough place in life or being in it isn't a weakness it's life we have all been there at some point but if we don't share it's hard to relate and understand the frustration that might be translated to anger.

On this day I had a very open conversation with my cousin and feelings she have regarding us not spending time together, she was very open and spoke about it with no riddles and I praised her for that and said I wasn't aware how she felt and that will leave that in the past and make sure we do spend time together. We don't know each other very well but she wants to based on what her brother says about me and what my mum has said as well and it brings such a joy in my heart that I am spoken well about seeing as you never know how people see you.

So why am I blogging this, well I want all of you to have the chance to get to know me too as we are all humans on this world moving forward and it can be easy to feel lost and alone in our journey, though that might not be the case sending lots of love your way.

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