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Behind the scene | During filming | Blog

Hello my lovelies and happy Friday! Do you ever just think; I wonder what Gelica is up to while filming her content? Well if you do you're in luck!

I want to talk about a bit how things are behind the scene and honestly there's a lot going on. I have my recipe written and ready for me to follow the instructions of, I try to keep it simple for both you and myself.

It is my guideline to get everything set up as I measure the ingredients of each step of the recipe. The prep work does take time and the cleaning up of course does as well.

It is wonderful picturing how I want to present each ingredient and the beauty of each plate, bowl, tray that will help bring the recipe out.

I always bring my Ipad along and watch some fellow YouTubers while I get to unleash my creative side, I am sure you know the feeling. The company is great and really helps the flow of my creative mojo going. Yes I am watching Glock9, I enjoy the game he is playing and his editing is top notch.

I find the whole process very soothing and calming, it certainly has been a great outlet for my creative soul and more so the healing of my health in general, inside and out.

My trusty camera kept close by and ready to snap pictures of each important step along the way. When it's time to film I have a few steps more to keep in mind, the angles where and when to film and unfortunately it does take a few takes at times to get things right. Mistakes happen Shadefooders!

Maybe I'll share some bloopers. Let me know if that's something you're interested in.

I hope you've enjoyed the insight of how things are going on during filming.

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