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Behind the scene | Editing | Blog

Hello my lovelies and welcome back to my blog! Yeah I am excited, are you?! Today I wanted to share how I go about my editing, what I use program wise and so forth.

As always my trusty Ipad is keeping me company while I get to work. I of course begin with transferring all of the material I have filmed/snapped pictures of. On my desktop I have quite a few folders to help keep things organized which really helps the progress.

Before I got around to editing I ended up researching my options as far as programs go and what I felt confident I could learn how to use. What I ended up using is a program named Wondershare Filmora X ( I am not sponsored )

And you can try it for free before you decide if it's for you, which I ended up doing and I loved it and now I have an unlimited account.

It's very simple to use as you can import your video files into your projects and even create personalized folders for your themes, music, titles, intros, and so much more. They even have free content to download to help you along the way.

While editing you can add different tracks for your voice-over, music, filming, intros which really helps keep things organized. There's even a lock function so you don't accidentally ruin a track you are happy with.

A tip as far as music goes Filmora does have options that you can use or you can do what I do and use royalty free music as well. There are loads of options just make sure you credit the artist as they work hard and deserve the recognition. I find loads of tracks here.

If you have any questions and/or have tips and suggestions feel free to let me know.

I am always happy to hear from you wonderful shadefooders!

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