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Hello my lovelies! Are you ready because I most certainly am. If there was something that really had me scratching my head it would be what kind of items/material would I need to get started with my blog, website and YouTube. There are so many options and I knew what my vision was but how could I turn it into reality.

I begun my journey with my smartphone in fact, as I was used to my phone and knew that I would be able to get started with it without much hassle and I am happy I begun here as it eased me into the idea of moving forward.

I kept it simple at first and didn't do any voice-overs on my videos as I didn't have a microphone and the sound recording on my phone just wasn't it. I decided that I would invest in upgrades eventually but I wanted to be sure that I was comfortable in my newly taken upon hobby so I wouldn't regret investing in new items as it isn't a very cheap start up.

I would have never guessed what would happen to me on Christmas when I opened a gift given to me by my significant other and inside I saw a box of a Canon EOS 200D camera under the wrapping.

I of course cried because that gift was so thoughtful and unexpected, I still hear Koen saying how proud he was of me and that he saw the hard work and passion I put into my new hobby.

Not only that but receiving the camera really helped boost me into getting more items to complete the essentials I would need from now on.

I ended up getting the following:



Memory card:

Battery: (I have 2 of these)

Battery charger:


External HDD:

Selfie stick: I got one at Flying Tiger but they don't seem to have it any more

It is a model with a tripod function.

The camera is so simple to use, with it's flippable screen and many different settings to use. It's very beginner friendly.

The tripod is great as it's easy to attach and move around, works great when I need to get an angle of my cooking and it comes with a backpack for the easy transferring.

The microphone is fantastic it picks up noise beautifully and really sits well on top of the camera. I even use this for my voice-over because it has such a clear sound.

The memory card of course so we can take all the beautiful footage.

The batteries and charger are a must have I got myself 2 of them because during my research I found out how often you are in the middle of filming and the battery ran out and believe you me it has happened many times.

The backpack is so sturdy and the storage are just perfect for my material, I can fit everything on here even my tripod when I travel which is great. It also came with a cleaning set to keep your camera up to standard.

The external HDD was a gift from my lovely big brother and I of course use this to backup all my files. It's great if I need to reupload a video or go back to anything I no longer have on my PC.

The selfie stick I got way before I started Every Shade of Food but it honestly have been useful during filming especially in the beginning. It's just a shame they no longer seem to have this item available.

These items have been so useful and still to this day they are and I wanted to share this with all of you in case you are considering sharing your passion online perhaps this could help you along. As I stated above, start simple and get a feel of how you want to advance as it isn't cheap to upgrade.

Thanks for reading my beautiful Shadefooders!

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