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Behind the scene | New thumbnails | Blog

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my Friday blog! Let's share, let's connect, let's gooo!

If there's something I feel that I always can improve and create to be more true to me it

would have to be the thumbnails. There is so much impact that has to be made in that one image to pull a new audience in and I have been remaking the thumbnails to fit the season they are representing as well as not cropping out the main dish out.

I realise that having the image with it's inviting surroundings really draws me in so

certainly it will have a similar effect to most of you.

Other than that I felt I was making the thumbnail redundant by adding a text on it with the

description of what dish is expected when I already have that in the title of the video so

naturally it would be better to keep the thumbnail as clean and possible.

I hope you all enjoy the new fresh look!

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