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Hello my lovelies! We've been talking about quite a few topics now and I wanted to talk about uploading the finished product on the magical web.

After I have been producing my video I export it and you can import it directly to your YouTube account on Filmora ( I am not sponsored ) but I prefer exporting it onto my HDD so I can backup my files in case things don't go as intended and while it's exporting I can get onto finalizing a few steps such as writing up the YouTube description and tags.

I do this on my notepad because it helps keep things organized and I won't forget to leave something out for example a link to the recipe on my website, credit to the musicians music I would be using and so on.

Prep work is key.

As for my thumbnail I always make sure I have an image in mind that I want to use and I prefer one where my recipe is facing a white background as Photoshopping it is easier against the white. I prefer using a thumbnail as it kind of becomes my trademark image and makes it easier for those searching for my content to find me. It is very unfortunate but many of those who view my content aren't subscribed to me and this helps bring

them back too.

Once I have this all set up it's such much easier to upload, simply add your video and copy paste the information required that you've written up on your notepads. Easy, peasy or at least easier as uploading takes time believe you me.

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