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Behind the scene | YouTube channel members | Blog

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my Friday blog! Let's share, let's connect, let's gooo!

I wanted to talk about YouTube membership as a few of you have asked me about it and whether I am considering setting one up. I honestly hadn't consider it as I recently set up my Patreon and have been very focused on getting content on there for all my wonderful Shadefooders.

For those who don't know what what it means to be a YouTube channel member it means that you would receive:

Member-exclusive posts: Which means that you can view exclusive posts made on the channel. That are not available elsewhere.

Loyalty badges: They are images that appear next to your YouTube username when you write a comment or while you join a live chat. Certainly a way to stand out in the crowd and also helps promote the channel you are supporting.

Exclusive emoji: If you are familiar with Twitch these emoji's they are similar in the way

of them being unique artwork that in most cases have a relation to the creators content.

Like in my case "Hello my lovelies". "Shadefooders" and so on. They are exclusive and can be used on YouTube's app or website.

As I said above at this time I am not certain if or when I might set this up and I honestly

wanted to check with all you wonderful Shadefooders if this is something you all wish for me to set up? Appreciate the feedback!

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