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Bringing in the green | Blog

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies!

I must admit that I have never been very good with plants. I seem to lack the skill of having green fingers. I did decide to try my luck when we moved into our current flat and I have been so pleasantly surprised. I am currently caring for about ten plants and a few of them are sprouts from one of the plants I first purchased but I digress. I will make a blog about them in the future however now I wanted to speak on herbal gardens.

I love cooking and with my ongoing transition to veganism I am trying to bring new things into my kitchen to help me along the way. Luckily they were selling potted herbs in my local grocer and I decided to purchase four in which I know I will implement into my diet. My selection was parsley, basil, chive and dill and silly me didn't think of where to place them but luckily I thought of something clever. I have a nice metal basket that is made for my glass jars with straws but I find I never use them for serving and I have six of them, I put two aside for myself as I do enjoy my lemon water. The other four I placed my potted herbs into as they need to be able to absorb the water from the bottom and not directly on the soil this worked wonders and it looks lovely.

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