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Chilli con carne | Vegan-gluten free

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies! This week we are focusing on comfort food and it's the very familiar food we all know dearly as stew. Today I wanted to share my vegan chilli con carne as this is very much a staple dish in my household. It's easy to make and it's comforting and most of all delicious. I love these types of meals during this time of year, summer has come and gone and now to not only bring a warm comforting meal in it also needs to be filling which I find stews are.

Serves 4-6 people.

What you need:

500g vegan mince

400g crushed tomatoes with chilli

1 dl (0.4 cups) water

1 dl (0.4 cups) kidney beans

1 dl (0.4 cups) borlotti beans

1 dl (0.4 cups) chickpeas

1 dl (0.4 cups) black beans

1 can of white beans

1 vegetable cube

2 paprikas

3 garlic cloves

1 onion

1 tbsp marjoram

Salt and black pepper to taste

Vegan butter or olive oil

(1/2 tbsp chilli powder if you have regular crushed tomatoes)

(1 tsp sugar if you don't use canned beans)

I use dried beans so I always start off the day before by soaking them overnight. They usually need 10-12 hours of soaking and before you begin cooking they should

be boiled for 45 minutes to an hour. If you don't use dried beans you can skip this step and carry on.

Begin with chopping up the onion, mincing the garlic and dicing the paprikas. Add vegan butter into a pot on medium high heat, add the onion, garlic and fry until translucent. Next add the vegan mince and try until it gets some colour and then add the crushed tomatoes, canned beans and vegetable stock and allow to simmer for 10 minutes. Add the paprikas, beans and spices and cook for another 20-30 minutes.

I enjoy my chilli con carne with rice and vegan creme fraiche.

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