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Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies! I am as a person very caring and feel immense joy when I can do my out most for someone else so naturally Christmas is a Holiday very dear to me. I have many treasured values that I've learnt due to my family, we've have had our struggles and as many other's we still do but one thing is for certain we value family time. We celebrate Christmas, birthday's, Easter, midsummer and recent success with each other and we have very many fond memories together.

During Christmas we decorate the house, my mum would focus on the interior and my father and I would focus on the Christmas tree. I would hold the string of lights while he clips them on, carefully decide where the baubles, tinsel and decorations go. I love that moment, my dad and I become like children during this period we love this Holiday equally as much and this moment brings me back to a different time and to a different me. I feel it really emphasises the core of this Holiday and recently my significant other's mum have spent one Christmas with us and she will spend this one with us again and we love having her, I can't wait.

My own decorations look very different than my parents as I tend to keep my colours in a more Nordic theme with colder colours and silver instead of gold. It's just what I prefer for myself and I feel completely content with that colour scheme however my parents use the very traditional colours of Christmas red and deep green and it is wonderful very nostalgic I am sure you know can picture it for yourself. As someone who find that the interior of your home should reflect you as a person because it keeps you in a true state of harmony I wanted to share some images of my Christmas decorations and perhaps it will help inspire you to find your touch.

If you struggle with it I tend to go on my feeling over the item, I tend to be specific with my choices when I decided for something new to join the household. It has to feel like it belongs at my home or I won't purchase it. It has worked wonders so far because my home isn't cluttered with this that doesn't have a function or a place.

In Sweden we have very few hours of natural light during the day so setting up Christmas decoration makes it extra special because the dark days adds to that warm comforting feeling you get that makes you want to wrap yourself in a blanket with a hot cup of tea while gazing on the soft and shimmering lights. It soothes my soul.

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