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Cotton candy rosé | Vegan-gluten free | Halloween

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Happy Friday my lovelies and welcome to two weeks of Halloween! Today we are making our seventh Halloween item and we're finishing off with another drink.

It's Friday and why not add sugar into the mix to help celebrate Halloween.

Welcome to part 7!

Serves 2 people.

What you need:

5 tbsp elderflower concentrate

5 tbsp strawberry purée

4 tbsp lemon juice

4 tsp vanilla sugar

1 1/2-2 dl ( 0.6-0.8 cups ) Pizzolato Spumante d'Italia Rosé

What you need for decorating:

10-15g cotton candy

Sugar decoration

Begin with cleaning 6-8 strawberries and remove the green. Into a pestle and mortar crush the berries until it looks like a puree. Add the vanilla sugar and crush and mix until combined.

Into a champagne glass add the lemon juice, elderflower and puree and gently top it off with the rose not all the way up as we are decorating with cotton candy and it will dissolve if it comes in contact with liquid.

For decoration gently add the cotton candy and a strawberry. I added a sugar decoration that I had handy whilst making another recipe and you can find the link on how to make that here.

Now it's ready to serve!

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