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Croissant raspberry semla | Vegan | Fettisdagen

Hello my lovelies! My oh my have I been eating a lot of semla recently without regret or maybe some regret... Nah it's been great! Today we are making a raspberry flavoured croissant semla.

What you need for croissant:

500g of puff pastry

What you need for filling:

150g of raspberry jam

350g almond paste

90g icing sugar

2 1/2 dl (1 cup) vegan whipped cream

3 tbsp vanilla sugar

1 tsp crushed cardamom

What you need for whipped cream:

2 1/2 dl (1 cup) vegan whipped cream

3-4 tbsp raspberry jam

2 tbsp vanilla sugar

Icing sugar for dusting

Makes 4-6 croissants.

Begin with rolling out the puff pastry dough and slice out long triangles. We will roll

the wider end towards the short end. Rinse and repeat.

Preheat the oven to 200°C (395 °F)

Cover a baking tray with a baking sheet and add your croissants. Bake in the middle of

oven for 15-20 minutes.

Once they are done baking allow them to cool completely. We will make our filling in the


In a bowl add vegan whipped cream, vanilla sugar, cardamom, icing sugar, raspberry jam and grate in the almond paste. Whisk the ingredients together until it looks smooth and somewhat firm.

Set aside for now while we whip together vegan whipped cream and vanilla sugar.

In a bowl add the vegan whipped cream, 3-4 tbsp raspberry jam and vanilla sugar.

Whisk until you get stiff peaks.

Now we will slice the centre of the croissants and fill the bottom layer with raspberry

filling and then using a piping bag, pipe in the raspberry whipped cream.

Dust them with icing sugar.

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