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Elderflower drink | Vegan | Midsummer

Hello my lovelies! Of course celebrating Midsummer won't be done without some much needed social drinking and to honour the flavour of Midsummer I had to share a drink with Elderflower in it. If you have never had Elderflower in a beverage before I would suggest that you try it out. I find it fresh and fragranced.

What you need for drink:

3 cl elderflower concentrate

15 cl prosecco

2 twigs of fresh mint

Juice from one lime

In a pestle and mortar add mint and lime juice and press and squeeze the mint.

Mixing it into the juice.

In a wineglass pour in prosecco, elderflower concentrate and the lime juice.

Add a few fresh mint leaves and a twig to decorate.

If you wish to add ice cubes and sprite go ahead and do so. If not the drink

is ready to be enjoyed.

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