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Hello my lovelies and welcome to my Friday blog! Let's share, let's connect, let's gooo!

Spending time with my parents is always a very relaxing time and absolutely nourishing for my soul. If there's a passion my mum have had for as long as I can recall it has to be the her green fingers. When we lived on the country side she would plant potatoes, salads, berries, peas and so much more and being able to eat these fresh from the ground was truly amazing.

My parents do have a garden where they live now and my mother truly allows her green fingers to blossom here pun intended. She has such a vast variety of flowers and during the summer she planted tomatoes that grew so tall that they ended up growing in beautiful clusters. They ended up looking like a cluster of red grapes.

Of course I got the opportunity to harvest some tomatoes for myself to bring home and I have to add that they were so wonderful and sweet.

We often go for a walk while there it's been something we did even back in the days when we lived at home. Where my parents live there's a blanket of calm roaming the area so having a walk there really helps clear out the mind. While at our walk we walked to a set of apple trees that have been there long before we moved there back in the days.

We decided to pick quite a few apples which I brought home as well and I ended up baking an apple cake which I enjoyed with my wonderful cousin Daniel.

Every day that I care for my plants I think about my mum and what she has taught me along the way.

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