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Hello my lovelies and welcome to my Friday blog! Let's share, let's connect, let's gooo!

So boardgames is something that I never really invested any time into nor felt that I enjoyed but that's the past me and if you'd ask me now that has since the past 6 years completely changed. My SO is a big boardgame geek and he introduced me into this world. When he lived back in Belgium they would play boardgames on the regular.

Before Covid we would have a boardgame night at least once every month and we would play a few different games however if it's a new game it would be fewer as my SO the game host would go through the basics of the game we're going to play.

One game that played recently with a few friends was Scythe, I got my SO this as a gift for his birthday because we had spoken to some lovely people at the SciFi convention back at 2019 who praised this game highly so we of course were curious and now we were finally going to play it.

A very interesting game, it requires a lot of tactic as you need to consider your movement, resources, man power and so much more. We had loads of fun playing this but more so due to the company we had while playing that went bonkers while playing and decided to place all his pieces on one hexagon.

Anxiety intensifies!

If you're interested in me talking more in-depth about boardgames that I've played feel free to let me know!

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