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Hello my lovelies and welcome to my Friday blog! Let's share, let's connect, let's gooo!

My wonderful friend Ana wanted to catch-up and since it had been along time since last time and I felt very deprived of my dose of Ana time I just couldn't wait.

She had/have been going through a rough time so being able to have a chat over some lovely fika really was required at this time. We are so close and I just want the best for her as she does me so sharing and creating memories together is something dear to us both.

I had a search around for local vegan café's and one came up that I haven't visited yet so that's always exciting. The café we decided for is Earth café and it's a privately owned café which is run by a husband and wife. The café is focused on vegan and vegetarian options, they serve wonderful baked goods and they have lunch.

I had managed to turn up first and as I entered Earth Café it had a few seats outside and a small cosy inside with warm natural colours with a few personal touches. The person greeting me at the counter was the husband and he was super friendly. I explained that I was going to have fika with a friend so I will start with a coffee while I wait and I was so happy when I saw that they serve turmeric latte so I of course ordered myself one of those. I asked if it was okay if I took some pictures and he gave his approval and while he made my latte he mentioned that I prefers adding some additional turmeric into the latte as it intensifies the flavour and asked if I wanted him to do that, which I of course said

yes too.

Once Ana showed up we decided to order and he suggested we try the freshly baked banana cake which his wife had baked just a moment ago and it did look lovely so I gladly accepted a piece which he served with a lovely vegan vanilla cream.

The banana cake was so soft and moist, it had the lovely sweetness of the banana and hint of cinnamon running through. If you ever visit here and they have it do treat yourself to a piece.

I also want to thank all of you for another wonderful year. Without your support my Shadefooders we wouldn't be where we are today. I wish you all a very happy Holiday and a happy New Year!

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