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Hello my lovelies and welcome to my Friday blog! Let's share, let's connect, let's gooo!

During Midsummer I got an unexpected text from my mum asking us if we wanted to come visit for Midsummer and of course we went. I don't want to miss out on spending time with my family nor my mums cooking.

My aunt and uncle where there too with their son and whenever I see my cousin I just feel immense joy. He is 10 years old so the age difference between us is large however my uncle is the youngest of 9 siblings and the age difference between us is 10 years.

Either way my cousin reminds me so much of my older brother when he was a kid, both in appearance and in hobbies. My aunt spoke about how awkward he was during the dance around the Midsummer pole and showed pictures of this and it did bring a laugh to the table and she also mentioned that they had gotten some sex-ed to learn where babies come from too and he was so unbelievably uncomfortable which of course makes sense. He didn't want to talk about it, my uncle made a remark of how he one day would think differently about it when he gets a girlfriend and I state; or a boyfriend because we will accept him like he is and my uncle agreed.

Just a wonderful moment as well as my uncle agreeing that my cousin should be the best he can be at what he enjoys and currently he is very much into gaming. I can relate to this so much.

We actually ended gaming on my father's retro snes and it was so much fun! I also got a chance to talk to my aunt and have a heart to heart as she is currently having a difficult

situation at work due to a work related injury and the struggle of being able to work her regular job They are in the process of figuring out where she can work and changing her position but they aren't making it easy so her mental health is taking a hit due to this and I really feel for her.

It was really nice to catch-up and enjoy each others company.

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