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Hello my lovelies and welcome to my Friday blog! Let's share, let's connect, let's gooo!

If you know something about me it has to be that I have gone bonkers when it comes to plants. Ever since we moved in to our current home and I decided to give greenery another shot and this time I actually managed to care for them.

Since then there has been no turning back and I find myself bringing a plant-friend home more often than not.

I have in my recent plant projects been planting a paprika that I bought at the grocery. After I had consumed the paprika I sliced a small part of the centre and popped the seeds into a pot. It didn't take long before saplings had grown up. I planted it back in February this year and now I have one large paprika and a few more flowers are blossoming.

When the flower is in bloom I simply take a q-tip and gently brush the inside of it and a few days after a bud will appear. It is so much fun watching it grow, my mum and my co-worker is also growing paprika and we have so much fun sharing our experiences.

I also planted lemon seeds last year and I had attempted it once before but unfortunately that one didn't make it. Wanting to try it again I planted a new one last year and I did have some struggles with throughout and had to try a few different options because the plant became yellow and what worked for me was to move it's location and re potting it.

So far it's small but it's happy and so am I.

Recently I have been curious about a specific plant and wanted to try my hands on planting them myself. It's a Drosera rotundifolia which is a carnivorous plant and I kept questioning whether I should as a vegan own one of these plants. I have come to terms with that I feel the same as I do about carnivorous animals. Beings without moral agency can neither be held responsible, nor be criticized for their actions.

This plant will manage fine with just being watered as well so I won't be feeding it anything other than such.

This plant isn't one that I could buy directly in a shop so I ended up buying seeds online and the seeds are so small they remind me of trimmed facial hair which made me anxious as I can't see the seeds in the soil. I carefully sprinkled the seeds in very wet soil and popped the pot into a bag and I am eagerly wait for the seeds to grow.

Unfortunately the seeds didn't take so I bought some already grown carnivorous and what I have learnt is that they are very specific about the water you give them.

Tap just isn't it, instead water them with store bought water ( not sparkle )

I got 2 of Butterwort - Pinguicula and one Nepenthes and so far they are doing well.

Another new project I got suggested to me was to make a palm plant using corn and I had never heard about this before. Ana had seen it on Tic Toc and you might now know this about me but this is an app I am not using so I can be totally out of the loop sometimes.

But! Being curious about this I have actually planted some corn to see how plausible this is because the turn out from what I've seen really is great. These are a few of my current projects and I will of course update you when I get onto new projects. So stay tuned!

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