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Hello my lovelies and welcome to my Friday blog! Let's share, let's connect, let's gooo!

My SO and I have been together for a while now and something that has become a tradition is how we celebrate our anniversary. My SO was adorable and gave me a handwritten card and asked me out on a date for our first anniversary and where we went was SK Mat.

I am not sponsored btw I simply love their food, service and atmosphere and do bare in mind that they aren't a vegan focused restaurant but if you book with them and ask for vegan options they do offer at least 4 courses.

The restaurant has very service minded staff that also allow their personal flare shine through and I am so here for that. I have yet to encounter any staff here that hasn't made the experience remarkable. The interior is warm, earthy and stylish and really compliments the overall experience. There's a lot of open space and depending on your seating you can actually watch the chef's as they create their wonderful foodart in the kitchen.

Each chef will set the dish that they've cooked for you at your table and they will explain what you're presented with which is fantastic. It really adds to the experience as it makes it more personal and it's always nice to met the person who created each beautiful dish you will consume.

While you wait for your dish you are of course served a basket of bread and I was offered sourdough bread with a lovely olive oil dip.

They also have wonderful locally made Swedish must (must: not-yet-fermented juice of fruit or berries) Which is what we both end up drinking while here as they are so lovely and have such a genuine fruit or berry flavour and I have not once had one that didn't compliment the dish I've been served.

1 Pickled veggies with beetroot crisp

The lovely crunch and sweetness of the beetroot mixed with the lovely fresh crunch of the vegetables, uplifting flavour of the chives and pickled taste is a match made in heaven.

2 Mushroom Purée With Pickled Cucumber

With a lovely earthy flavour of the mushroom purée and the nice crunch of the seeds combined with the fresh tangy crunch of the cucumbers honestly works so wonderfully together.

3 Mushroom Crisp And Sweet Potatoes

The sweetness of the potatoes really brings out the earthy flavour of the mushrooms and I loved that there was freshly sliced, cooked and dried mushrooms on this plate. The dressed salad adding a much needed moisture.

4 Raspberry sorbet with liquorice candy

I don't know about you but I love liquorice and the flavour combo of liquorice and raspberry soothes my soul. The lovely liquorice cube had a nice chew to them and the sorbet smooth and the lemon balm adding a hint of acidity.

We always discuss just how the flavour works together and what we love about each dish, this restaurant always leaves us feeling content, happy and our flavour palettes satisfied.

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