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Everyday life | Strömma Farmlodge | Blog

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my Friday blog! Let's share, let's connect, let's gooo!

So this is the second year we have been living life very differently from what is commonplace for many of us and spending the summer more isolated once more is of course a strain because I can relate to wishing to get away somewhere unfamiliar. It really helps let regular life keep it's place in the backseat and relaxation kick in.

So during this vacation we had not planned anything other than relaxing at home and take each day as they came and one of these days we went to Strömma Farmlodge which is an open farm in Varberg here in Sweden.

I had gotten a recommendation from my co-worker to come visit and being the nice person he is he had made sure they had vegan options here. So we made a day of it we travelled here with my older brother Jonas my dearest friend Ana and her beautiful daughter Alva.

Travelling through the countryside always soothes my soul, you might now know this but I used to live in the countryside when I was younger and I have loads of fond memories from way back then so seeing the greenery and housing pass by as we drive down the gravel road is relaxing.

When we finally get there the gorgeous rustic look of the farm really pulls you in and the little shops they had set up were cosy and inviting so of course we had to pop in and have a look. In one of them you had home interior items with a warm rustic feel to them which really fitted the scenery.

The other shop was a grocery and it had various odd items and do bare in mind that they sell their own meat from the farm here, something I wasn't aware that they do and being vegan it of course brought out a reaction but this is the world we live in currently and hopefully we will move forward from this and in a near future this wont be the case any more.

Aside from that they have a restaurant here as well named Hacket and they had a vegan dish which is their noodle salad but you could also get their taco vegan which Ana tried out and we will have you know they were both delicious. The noodlesallad had a lovely marinade running through and the softness of the mushrooms combined with the crunch of the cashews were lovely. Ana's tacos where crunchy, sweet, tangy and spicy; how do I know haha I did of course try one.

They had set up a lovely station for sorting the trays out after you're done eating too, really lovely. Recycling is the bomb! After that we had a bit of a walk around which gave me a chance to play around with Alva, she is my god-daughter and she is such a sweetheart. She was of course a bit cautions at first which is normal it's been a while since I saw her last but she soon enough warmed up to me and we goofed off. The cutest thing ever is that she kept saying "roligt" which means funny whenever she had fun.

After this we decided to have ice cream and my oh my were I ever so happy when I saw that had vegan ice cream and so many flavour to chose from. I ended up getting their salted caramel flavour because I am a sucker for that flavour in just about anything. It was lovely and had a nice crunch of nuts blended into it.

We enjoyed the sun and each others company for a while before we decided to call it a day.

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