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Hello my lovelies and welcome to my Friday blog!

Let's share, let's connect, let's gooo! It's just so great when things are beginning to tread along the correct path, this July they begun releasing vaccination for 18 year-olds and up and myself, my co-workers and my SO have all eagerly been awaiting our chance to get vaccinated.

While at work I heard on the radio that these great news and I of course had to share with my co-workers and while we had a moment we would check for available appointments only to realize that we were not the only ones eager to get one and many of the appointments got snatched within minutes.

Luckily due to my co-worker's inside sources or friends if you will haha, found out about a drive/walk-through that had appointments and we managed to book a time at work hours. My co-worker/boss stated that it's so important that we got vaccinated that we will work around our appointments so we can go and get our first shot.

The Monday the week after we went there and it went so smoothly. They had closed off a large football field and set up several tents up for cars to receive shots and a tent for those who arrive by foot or with a bike.

It was setup real close to my area of work so a tram and a walk and I was there.

I had my appointment at 14.45 but got my shot 10 minutes earlier, the lady who helped me asked a few questions and received my filled out health declaration. After that you get to sit down for 15 minutes and luckily I didn't feel any symptoms directly after the shot. I did feel an ache where I received the shot later on that day and it lasted for about 24 hours, after that it's been fine.

It feels so great to have gotten the first shot now and I had my second shot last Wednesday and it went just as smooth. Honestly looking forward to being fully vaccinated, hopefully things will begin to settle down in the world and we can live life as normal as we can.

Oh and yes I have cut my hair. Love you my Shadefooders, keep safe!

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