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Exercise | Tabata style training P3 | Blog

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my Friday blog! Let's share, let's connect, let's gooo!

I want to give a BIG shout out to my girl Emfit because her Tabata style exercise routines

are not only making me sweat but they really brings out such a feel good mood in me.

She calls her followers clown's and I embrace that whole heartedly.

My exercise routine have changed up a bit since last. I begin my routine with an Emfit video and I end up doing the warm up and the tabata and if she shares a cool down I skip it as I have my own routine which I do first after I have done jump roping, resistance bands and ab exercise. My cool down works for me and really helps relax my muscles after my routine.

There are a few videos I return to because not only do I find these easy to follow but they

are also so much and in my case I feel they impact different muscles.

The 2000s HIIT DANCE WORKOUT-it's time for a REDO

exercise has some great hits and the routine in this is so bomb, I love how it really makes me work my leg muscles especially.

The 80s AEROBIC HIIT DANCE WORKOUT-a Tribute to the LEGEND Jane Fonda

This video is a nostalgia trip for me, I am an 80's baby so this music brings me back.

This exercise really makes me break out a sweat and it also works my arms and upper torso.

The Throwback 2000s Summer-LETS DO THIS

This video is so much fun. The moves in this one really amplifies my happiness which is such a great choice when I don't feel up for exercising this honestly switches my mood instantly.

If you enjoy tabata style exercise visit Emfit and give her exercise videos a go, a like and a sub!


I (Angelica Larsson) will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of the information that I share. This includes emails, videos, and text. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. You will want to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program.

Do keep in mind I am don't have a degree as a nutritionist I have simply gathered this information myself along with check ups with my doctor and I suggest you do the same.

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