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Fresh summer pie | Swedish | Vegan | Midsummer

Hello my lovelies! When I think about midsummer I see a grand feast with so many items of food you don't know where to start. That's the beauty of it which also really has me craving for something fresh and easy on the pallet and what comes to mind would be a pie. I of course wanted flavours that combine the beauty of midsummer along with the freshness of summer and these are the flavours we are going for.

What you need:

250g puff pastry

500g asparagus

200g cream cheese

50g vegan parmesan

1/2 dl (0.2 cup) olive oil

3-4 tbsp vegan butter

3 tbsp pesto

A pinch of salt and black pepper

Serves 8-10 people buffet size.

Begin with preheating the oven to 200℃ (395℉)

Let the puff pastry sit in room temperature before rolling it out as it makes it easier to roll out. Once it's rolled out brush the pastry with some butter and then bake in the middle of the oven for 10 minutes.

In the meantime add butter in a deep pan. While it's being brought to heat cut off the hard end of the asparagus and then pop them into the pan and fry until they get a little bit of colour. Set aside to cool.

In a bowl mix pesto, cream cheese, salt and pepper. Coat the puff pastry with the mixture but to leave a frame of pastry to hold the filling within. Add the asparagus and top off with olive oil and vegan parm and place back into the middle of the oven for another

10-15 minutes.

Now it's ready to serve.

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