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Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Happy Friday my lovelies! As I sit here looking out my window while wrapping these Christmas gifts, enjoying some Christmas music I think about family, love, generosity and the importance of tradition. It is after all my birthday today so you can't help but think about the importance of family and celebration. Here in Sweden we call Christmas "Jul" and unlike many other countries we celebrate it on the 24th where we feast a wonderful buffet which includes ham, sausages, Janssons frestelse, meatballs, egg halves, lutfisk, malt bread, potatoes, beetroot salad, mulled wine, saffron buns, rice pudding, julmust and so much more.

It is my first Christmas as a vegan and I have spent a lot of time trying to find inspiration and create recipes so that I can enjoy Christmas in a new way and I of course want to share that with all of you lovely Shadefooders! While I was first thinking of 4 weeks of Christmas since we celebrate 4 Advent Sundays I wanted to add one more week as a bonus and bring you all along but before that I wanted to talk about traditions, specifically Swedish traditions.

Four Sunday's before Christmas you will light one candle for each Sunday which we call advent candles. On the last Sunday they should all be lit creating a bit of a staircase drop in appearance. I love this tradition as I would rush down each Sunday morning to sit by the dining table to have breakfast with my mum eagerly watching her light a candle it was so cosy and the smell of candles is very comforting.

A few days before we would spend time in the kitchen preparing various recipes for the buffet and making various types of Christmas candies. We tend to make "knäck" which is butterscotch and "marzipan figures". Colouring the marzipan into different shades, creating different Christmas related figures it is so much fun and time flies by so fast and the house smells wonderful.

As I said above we celebrate on the 24th, we all feast all day from snacks to drinks to buffet all the while eagerly waiting for "Kalle Anka" to begin on the TV. It is a Disney Christmas special that have been on TV on Christmas eve since 1959 and it's tradition to gather around the TV and watch the special before we start handing out the gifts.

My younger brother very often is in charge of placing the gifts under the tree, he has a keen eye for that. Where the different sizes should be placed to not only make it efficient but also so it looks magical under the tree. I help out sometimes if he gets stuck but he usually manages great on his own.

Here I am wrapping gifts that soon will be placed under a tree creating joy and wonder in the eye of the beholder. Bringing us back to a time where things seemed to be full of magic and never-ending joy. I love to recreate this feeling and now when my younger brother has a beautiful daughter we get to live that wonder through her as well as she unravels these gifts along with the rest of the family.

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