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Give away | Vlog | Life update

Hello my lovelies! I wanted to have a sit down and have some heart to heart with all of you wonderful people and to celebrate me going into this year being vegan for my second year I wanted to share that joy with all of you lovelies with a give away as not only is that a cause for celebration but you have all done such a great impact and effort on Abillion with all of your wonderful reviews! I will be giving away 5 different items and all you have to do to join is answer these questions below and of course like, comment and subscribe.

Are you vegan?

Or are you transitioning?

On a varied diet?

Or just curious about vegan food?

How did you find my channel?

How long have you been subscribed for?

You may suggest which item you would like to win if you do. I will keep this in mind when I select the winner's reward however if someone else have selected the same item please do not feel disappointed that you might not have won that exact item.

If you would like to join Abillion and help the movement follow the instructions below.

1. Download the APP and join me, let's make this world an easier place as a vegan.

2. Don't forget to add referral code SHADEFOOD when you register to help support the cause!

Thank you for joining!

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