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Going into the New year | Blog

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies! Moving forward from one celebration to another we had decided with my dear friends that we would spend our New year with them it was very last minute since we first decided this perhaps a week before and I love when things come together like this it always end up more genuine.

I am really truly blessed with the people in my life, my dear friend Ana told me that she is making a three course meal and it will all be vegan and this is the second time that year that she had gone out of the way for me as if I didn't already love her to bits!

Once there we were greeted by a lovely Christmas wreath on the door and inside there was a beautifully set table and a gorgeous Christmas tree. Watching their beautifully little family in their new home is such a joy, I am so happy for them and I am proud to be their daughter's godmother. She was busy cooking and setting up the last finishing touches while we were sitting by the table being treated wonderfully by these great hosts.

The meals were wonderful we had a starter made out a vegetable purée, the main was pasta with a delicious pasta sauce and dessert was a coconut chocolate mousse. You could taste the love and effort placed in the food.

There was conversations bubbling and play with their daughter and soon enough the last moments of 2019 was about to end. We made our way outside with a bottle of bubbly to invite the New year in and for the first time we placed New year resolutions. Mine was to listen to myself and not allow myself to be pushed to the point which burnt me out.

So far it's been an adventures start to the year.

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