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Uppdaterat: 16 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies.

Healthy snacks I have found isn't that easy to come by, no matter how many companies seem to want in on the healthy diets many of them contain so much unnatural sugar and what ever else. As a woman I definitely find myself craving sweets during my girl week and it can drive me up the wall to be frank. When I started this diet it was a hassle to sate my cravings but now I have finally found a few things to help me out.

I went raw and something I can point out is that it isn't cheap but I find that I eat very few raw balls and a package does last long. The bars I do eat more often, I tend to have them as a snack between lunch and dinner, they give me just the energy boost I need. I am addicted to these raw snacks, they are not just good ingredients but they taste fantastic.

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