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Hello my lovelies and welcome to my Friday blog! Let's share, let's connect, let's gooo!

New year new me isn't that the saying? Well I tend to do my eye check-up once every year and working within the business you tend to note a thing or two when things are changing.

I have luckily had good eyesight for the majority of my life but with age that will change

and in my case I noted that my eyes took longer to focus from near to long distance and I

knew that I needed to have a check-up.

Our optician is so great at what she does the amount of care she puts into her work really

shows. It means that I have time to honestly go through what is in focus or not and get a

pair of prescription that is right for me.

Once we were done we discussed my options and before today I had only had terminal glasses which are prescribed for the distance to my screen when I work on my blog or game which is commonplace for me at home. Now however I asked if I should try out my first set of progressive glasses as I feel like that would help my eyes adjust from near to far.

Elin agreed with me and said that if I feel ready to try them out I should and honestly I kind of found that exciting. I had checked a couple of frames that I was considering and all I wanted to do now was to check which of the frames I selected people preferred on me.

I was getting two as I still need a pair of terminal glasses as well and after getting feedback on the selection I had two of them came back as winners and I will have you know these were my two favourites as well. So yay!

I have been wearing them for more than a month now and I love them. It didn't take me very long to adjust to the prescription or the progressive lens which it sometimes does for many who haven't had them before. Hope you like them on me too!

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