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Holiday celebration | Blog

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies! I want to begin thanking you all for being patient while I have taken time off it has been lovely to take time to settle in to my new workplace and allowing myself to place my full attention onto a new part in my life. I will share more of that week 9 because today I want to share how my holiday celebration have been.

It's been such a long time since I have had proper time off during any holiday due to me working the past 8 years in a shopping mall where open hours were not only long during the weekdays and weekends but it was only closed 3 days a year. My new workplace believes in that having a healthy private life reflects on the staffs work morale and I couldn't agree more.

My significant other's mother travelled here and stayed in a nearby bed and breakfast for a week around Christmas which meant we got a lot of quality time with her which meant visiting our local theme park Liseberg during their Christmas theme. My dearest friends and some of my family members joined and this is the first time I have been here so close to Christmas and I have to say it is very hectic. There's an abundance of people which makes it difficult to manoeuvrer and if any of you have visited a city you know that people fend for themselves which adds to the hectic atmosphere. So if you plan to visit do it either earlier or after Christmas because it truly is beautiful.

In my family we celebrate Christmas together every year and a couple of these Christmas's we have had a few more relatives join and I am the kind of person who loves the idea of a joyful family enjoying each others company a grand feast and a friendly environment. I build up a picture perfect celebration and I am fully aware that life just isn't that but I strongly believe that if you treat people with respect and kindness that will reflect back at you and even if this isn't always the case that is something I strive to live up to.

My mother's side of the family have a very different approach to their interactions and instead of showing genuine interest and praising other's success they turn everything into a competition of who is better than who and throw insults around to build their own person up. I honestly don't understand this mindset as they gain nothing by doing this I personally recent this and have during my younger years tried to avoid interactions so that I won't end up hurt.

So why am I bringing this up, well I just didn't feel myself due to not only being harassed due to me eating vegan I was supposed to be happy when I was passed this comment "oh you look less fat then you did last I saw you" as if it was a backwards way to compliment my progress. Due to this vibe being in the air during Christmas I honestly didn't feel the spirit of Christmas as I usually would and celebration was cut short.

I found out the my poor mother felt very heartbroken because normally we'd stay longer and it didn't even cross my mind that she would suffer due to this. I wanted nothing more than to make sure I could mend this situation and we visited the weekend after and the mood was perfect. I love my parents dearly and making memories with my loved ones is such an important factor to a good life.

After making our way home from my parents we were on the last stretch of road and saw so many blue lights up a street nearby. We weren't certain what was going on until we turned into the parking and saw a neighbouring apartment building in flames. It was horrific... There was such a gathering of people watching the flames spreading while firemen where hard at work. It really makes you realise how fast life can change and how things that wasn't caused by your action may still affect you. I wish all the people who live there the best and I hope their life's will settle down nicely.

This Christmas have been eventful, truly.

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