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Lollipops 3 ways | Gluten-free | Vegan | Corn syrup-free | YouTube

Hello my lovelies! What better way is there to enter the New Year making home-made treats! I have never made lollipops before so I wanted to try my hands on it as I do have an adorable niece and god-daughter I wanted to make a few different flavours and honestly I love myself a good lolly too.

You can watch and follow along down below.

What you need for lollipops

5 dl (2 cups) sugar

1 1/2 dl (0,6 cups) water

A pinch cream of tartar

Flavour of your choice

I am making blueberry, apple and bubblegum

Food colouring of your choice

I will colour them according to flavour

I will use some vegan sprinkles to decorate.

Makes about 18 lollies depending on your mould.

Begin with adding the sugar, water and cream of tartar into a pot and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Now bring the it up to heat until it reaches 145℃ (290℉) you can test it by dripping a drop into could water it should become a hard bead once it's done.

I will separate the mixture into 3 bowls and add each flavour in one bowl each along with the food colour. I will use a stick to get a more marbled effect.

Pour the mixture into greased moulds ( I am using lollipop moulds which has a placement for the stick ) if you don't have a lollipop mould simply let the mixture cool enough to be able to hold the stick.

Before the lollipop has set completely make sure you add any final touches such as decorations to complete the look, I am going to use a variety of sprinkles.

Place them in the fridge to harden. Enjoy!

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