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Matcha chai green tea | Vegan-Gluten free

Uppdaterat: 10 jan. 2022

Hello my lovelies.

Today I wanted to share one of my most beloved beverages, it not only tastes lovely but it brings an overall serenity into my life and I wouldn't want to start my morning any other way. I make this tea ahead of time and refrigerate it which also adds to a calmer morning as I only need to add some to my cup and heat it up in my microwave.

What you need:

Serves about 10-15 cups of tea.

4 tsp of matcha tea

4 tsp of chai green tea

1,7 litre of boiled water

I am very aware that my teaspoons are questionable but the measurements above will do fine I just add a bit more because I am sneaky like that. After I have let the tea set throughout the day I pour it into my container and place it in the fridge and consume it to my own pleasure. As I've stated I love having a cup in the morning so I simply poor some into my teacup and microwave for about two minutes. While it's being heated I foam up some almond milk with my handheld milk foamer and pour it into my cup and if I am feeling for another nuance in my tea I either add a clove, star anise or a cinnamon stick into my cup before heating.

It simply soothes my soul even looking at the cup of tea before consuming it. I hope it does for all of you as well.

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