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Matcha coconut latte | Vegan | Remake

Hello my lovelies! I believe my matcha green tea recipe is one of the first I ever posted.

I did after all start my journey to have a creative outlet and improve my health with what

I ate and Ana being a curious soul when it came to my recipes did help motivate me to start making not only recipes on a blog but on YouTube. I have since changed a lot of my recipes and I have started drinking matcha latte. Here's my new take on it.

What you need for the matcha latte:

1 tsp matcha green tea powder

2 tsp vanilla sugar

3 tbsp warm water

200ml warm coconut milk

100ml cold coconut milk

Add the matcha and vanilla sugar into a cup. Mix in the warm water and whisk until there are no lumps.

Pour in the cold milk and set aside for now.

In a pot bring pour the 200ml coconut milk in and bring to heat while stirring as this will help foam up the coconut milk.

Pour the milk into the matcha mixture, keeping the foam separate as we want to top the tea off with the foam.

Use a whisk and stir the matcha tea until it looks smooth and combined.

Scoop on the foam and sprinkle a fine dusting of matcha for decoration.

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