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Mental health update | Vlogs & Bonus Blog Holiday | YouTube

Uppdaterat: 10 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies! I wanted to sit down and talk about where I am at with my mental health, it's been over a year since I got burnt out and I work on my health everyday and recently I've felt the lows and I felt that sharing it would not only be a release of emotions but perhaps it would help me see things more clearly.

I also wanted to give praise to my brother's dog Lola, she was a wonderful pet and loved by many and I cherish every moment I got to be part of her life she brought much needed joy in my life when I was struggling with every day issues. Thank you Lola for everything, you were loved and you will forever be in my heart.

Check out the video down below for more information.

Other than updating all of you lovelies on my mental health I wanted to share how I spent my time with family and loved ones. Now more than ever I find that I think back on parts of my life that I love and those who I love in it. We spent a part of our Holiday together and it was wonderful. We begun at my parents home in Munkedal celebrating our mums birthday with plenty of laughter and food.

Unfortunately my parents dog became swiftly ill and we called in to the vet and got her an emergency appointment and while our mum stayed with her in the waiting room my brother and I did some catch up in Uddevalla with a cup of coffee and a walk.

While sitting by the docks we received a phone call and luckily she turned out to be suffering from a tummy ache and was prescribed medication which should settle the tummy, we drove then back to Munkedal and got ourselves ready for a few days in Lidköping.

We begun our trip with a drive there enjoying the beautiful scenery and we made our first stop at Cafe Bella Mi which was a lovely little place where they baked everything themselves and I had checked beforehand and they had vegan raw options which delighted me. Their pastries where lovely and the café adorable, we loved it here.

Once we have had a walk around town and done some shopping we continued our journey to Läckö Slott where we paid an entry fee at 120kr a head and explored the castle. It is not only fascinating to roam around the halls and rooms of the castle but the location near lake Vänern is stunning.

Nearby the castle we had booked a night at Hotel Naturum which is like no other hotel I've stayed at before. The exterior and interior is very nature focused with loads of wood running through every corner of the hotel. I had booked a table at their restaurant Hvita Hjorten and asked if they would serve a 3 course vegan meal and they would be delighted to do so and the dishes I was served was wonderful.

Starter: A lovely chickpea pancake with roasted mushrooms



After dinner we had a walk around the area which granted a beautiful view of the lake around the castle, a Viking ship and plenty of adorable snails and after a few games of Uno in our hotel room we called it a night.

The next morning we got ready for the day and before heading out we had breakfast at the hotel which was included and due to covid-19 we had booked an hour in the morning we would eat and because I had asked for vegan breakfast they had set aside a tray with vegan bread and spread for me and directed me to the options I could eat at the buffet. Quality service.

After our breakfast we checked out and continued our journey to Stadsnära Lantgården which is a farm very close to town that is open for visitors and they don't charge entry here. They have veggies and plants which according to the site I checked stated you could pick fresh produce and buy but that wasn't the case for our visit, perhaps the wrong time a year. It was full of life and I got to pet a pig for the first time, they were all so gentle and adorable it really had me feeling emotional.

Our last two stops before driving back to my parents we visited the Lookout Tower at Kinnekulle and at the very top of the tower we had reached well over 300m above the lowest point of the ground in Lidköping. It was truly amazing.

Before heading home we had a stop at the city centre for a "fika" coffee break at a bakery named Henry's Bageri and it is a nice little bakery that turned out to be located nearby Cafe Bella Mi. They didn't have many vegan options but I did luck out if a vegan mousse and it gave me enough energy to keep my head up on the journey back to Munkedal.

I have added a little montage video for all of you to enjoy.

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