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Mental health | Vlog | YouTube

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies. I mentioned yesterday about a bonus YouTube video and it's about a topic that might not be for everyone. It is about mental health, my own and how I ended up with a burnout due to my workplace. I speak on that in my video because I feel it's important to share as mental illness can be frowned upon and it honestly shouldn't be as it can happen to anyone and if it does we shouldn't feel like we're in the wrong for feeling the way we do and it's okay to ask for help.

I talk about what caused my mental illness and the negative effects due to it and my everyday struggle to recovery and how I am still recovering. I think it's an important topic to speak up on. I know in the past when I went through depression I didn't speak about it for several years because I felt a tremendous amount of shame and I never sought help for it either.

All I know is that listening to your body's reaction to different situations is important and pushing through and pushing forward when your body and mind holds up a stop sign will have a permanent result in your life. So take a breath, listen and do what your mind body and soul needs so you can prevent it before it breaks out and if it already has just like in my case you need to take the same steps so that you can recover.

I think this is why I am so happy I begun my journey to taking better care of myself because not only do I respect my body and mind's wishes I have found a great passion in life. Thank you all for your support.

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