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New year new workplace | Blog

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello lovelies! I have been aching to share how things have been since I changed work if you have followed along for some time you know that I have recovering from being burnt out due to my previous workplace. If you want to know more click here.

I have since the end of November been working at a new workplace within the same profession. One of the great things that I have gained from working at my previous workplace are the co-workers I've had, they are fantastic people who made me work for them and not the bosses but unfortunately without stable ground the building is coming down. I am grateful for all I have learnt and that I can bring that knowledge into my new workplace and that one of my old co-workers is now my current.

We started off soft at this company and worked alongside so we could learn about their products and routines. Not only did we gain a great education into this business we gained great people into our lives. Working here honestly made me realise how different a business can be run and that you don't have to drain the life source out of your staff in order to earn profit. Their belief is that customer service is key to a sustainable business and I completely agree.

After a month of learning, laughing and creating close relationships we had finally gotten a date to come and look at the newly open store that we are going to be in charge of.

Though we didn't realise that, that one day we came to visit we never left and have been there helping set the store up. It's been quite the journey to set it up and I do enjoy having a hand in it because it is easier to keep track of everything and organise everything most of all. I am so happy I have my co-worker so we can support each other while we are getting this ship to float.

I will keep all of you posted on how my journey is unfolding.

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