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Nutrients and me | Blog

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies!

So I am sitting here having a very chill day, that kind of chill I get a bit nostalgic about as I relate it to that calm inner peace I would get when summer vacation was around the corner. Being an adult those feelings are hard to come by but I would love to grasp onto them because they are after all what keeps us level-headed and genuinely happy.

I have been struggling for the last year with my energy level and I know a lot of it is due to my workplace and the amount of stress one has to deal with there every day and to top it off the workdays are long so it's difficult to maintain not only your mental health it's even more so maintaining your body's health. Why is that? Well we don't really have breaks so taking a moment for yourself and having a drink or a snack just doesn't happen and I can feel the huge gap in how I treat my body at work compared to my free time.

What does this mean for me? It means that I have taken a lot of time to reflect on my life, what do I have control over and what can I change and I try and adjust my body's well being with supplements and currently I am taking Healthwell's vegan multivitamin.

I wanted something to help balance out the nutrients I might lack in a day and other than that I also take vitamin b12 supplement which mostly vegans take due to their diet and seeing as I am eating less meat myself I am taking the supplement as well. Other than that I take beta carotene which is basically the group of yellow, orange, red pigments you'd get out of carrots the supplement is supposed to help you get a more pigmented skin and I have taken the multivitamin and beta carotene for over a month now and I can say I have noticed a change in my energy level and my skin have gotten a different hue for sure.

Other than adding supplements I am looking for a change in my line of work because my current work situation isn't healthy for me and I know if I put myself through this for too long it might burn me out and I don't wish that for myself or anyone else.

Do keep in mind I am don't have a degree as a nutritionist I have simply gathered this information myself along with check ups with my doctor and I suggest you do the same.

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