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Recipe featured | Abillion | Collab

Hello my lovelies and happy Tuesday!

I wanted to share some happy new and share happy news. A while back Preethi from Abillion reached out to me with the possibility of having one of my recipes featured and the recipe they wanted to feature was my vegan red velvet cake.

After a few exchanges back and forth Preethi begun writing the feature and they got back to me today with a link displaying my featured recipe and of course I want to share that happy news with all of you wonderful readers!

You can find the link to my featured recipe here.

And if you wish to join Abillion along with me you can follow the instructions below and get started today!

How to join:

1. Download the app at Abillion and join.

2. Don't forget to add referral code: SHADEFOOD. Found on the sign up pages.

3. Browse, explore and review and every review equals to $1 dollar that will be added to a $10 donation you can make every tenth review to a life-saving cause.

Thank you so much Preethi for reaching out to me for this wonderful collab and all the wonderful work you and many others are doing at Abillion.

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