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Scallops | Vegan-Gluten free

Uppdaterat: 16 mars 2021

Happy Friday my lovelies! Today we are adding more to the crayfish party table with vegan scallops. I kept thinking about what I can combine my skagenröra (which is a mixture of ingredients mixed into mayonnaise in case you aren't aware) with that would resemble the sweet taste of a scallop and my mind went to the sweetness of a roasted onion and it turned out delicious!

Serves 4 people.

What you need scallops:

8-10 small onions.

What you need for skagenröra:

1 red onion

200g firm tofu

1/2 a cucumber

1/2 a lemon

1 1/2 dl (0.8 cups) vegan mayonnaise

75g seaweed caviar

Salt and pepper to taste

Begin with pressing your tofu so it's nice and dry.

Peel and finely chop the onion, cucumber and dice the tofu in small pieces and zest the

lemon. Now mix the mayonnaise, onion, lemon zest, horseradish and seaweed caviar until combined and add salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste. Place in the fridge.

Preheat your oven to 200°C (390°F).

Peel and slice the onions in half and place them facing the flat surface up on a

oven tray covered with baking paper.

Pop into the middle of the oven for 30-40 minutes or until they get a nice colour.

Once they are done allow them to cool a little before topping them off with skagenröra.

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