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Shout out | Reciple | Food website

Hello my lovelies! I just wanted to share an up and coming launch of recipe website.

It's a recipe platform that will allow users to access recipes without the distraction

of advertisement and to me that sounds like a great idea. Reciple was founded by Annie Singer in 2021 after leaving her full-time job. Doing a lot of cooking herself she wanted to

create a place where you have an easier access directly to your favourite recipes and

content creators. This website shares all sorts of recipes not only vegan ones so do keep

that in mind, I myself am a vegan creator and I whole-heartedly believe that getting a foot in where it's available to us will help shed the light on vegan food and a vegan lifestyle.

So do check it out! Keep in mind that it's still under the progress of launching.

Happy Sunday Shadefooders!

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