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Sour raspberry birthday drink | Vegan-gluten free

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies! My birthday is coming up in a little while and of course that means vegan desserts are on the menu! I have been sat in the kitchen with a few various liquors in front me thinking long and hard of what I want to create, what kind of birthday drink I'd like being the birthday girl. After a few different attempts and a palette that has become confused to flavours I asked my significant other if he would try the final three and claim which one he preferred and here it is!

Serves 2 people.

Sour raspberry cake drink

2.5 cl små sure sour shot bubble fizz

12 cl seven up

1 cl disaronno

A pinch of grounded bitter orange

2 tsp crushed freeze dried raspberries

For decorating:

1/2 tsp vegan edible silver glitter

3-4 tsp crushed freeze dried raspberries

1 tsp sugar

Lemon wedges

I used a cocktail measuring cup as it's easier to get the correct amount. Pour the 2.5 cl Små sure Sour Shot Bubble Fizz ( if you can't get a hold of this I would replace it with a sweet and sour alcohol instead) and 1 cl Disaronno into the measuring cup.

Gently pour the liquor into a cocktail glass. Next in a mortar and pestle crush the freeze dried raspberries ( you can use fresh ones ) add 2 tsp into the glass and a pinch of grounded bitter orange.

Carefully top off with 12 cl of 7 up ( or Sprite ) and dust gently with sugar, crushed freeze dried raspberries and edible silver glitter. Dress the rim with a lemon wedge.

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