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Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies! This week I wanted to have a sit down and speak with you about other things than recipes. I wanted to share some things I am changing in my life and that has to do with consumer habit and what I can do to improve my life choices step by step and came across a couple of things I knew I could change without struggling to get there.

I have been using a few of these for awhile and because I've enjoyed that change I wanted to expand and be more aware of what I purchase and what I can do to have a more sustainable life. I have made a video talking about this, left it unedited as I wanted to share more of myself with all of you.

I will add the links to the items here if you are curious and I will state that I am not sponsored I simply did my research and found these items myself and wanted to share my discovery with all of you lovely people.

I removed the links as they are no longer available. I will leave the name of each product here in case you wish to give it a search.

Reusable cotton pad

Hemp sponge

Reusable coffee filters

Dish brush


Rubbish bags

Humble brush

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