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Swedish west coast and quality time | Blog

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies! Earlier this week I spoke about family as my mind wandered off to first impressions and assumptions. On this day we had all gathered to celebrate my mums birthday and my younger brother suggested we should have a quiet day the week after with just a few of us. A wonderful suggestion, we went to the west coast at a beautiful place called Smögen.

Here you can find a coast that seem endless and it connects the sea to the sky, there's an abundance of life, boats along the bridge or as I know it Smögen bryggan. This town is know for it's fishing and you can find loads of different seafood as well as smaller shops to keep you busy while you enjoy the company of loved ones.

My lovely brother had been to a restaurant here that he really enjoyed called The Barn the rest of us had never been there and of course being vegan now for 3 months going strong I worried if they had any vegan options for me and luckily my brother had thought ahead and they did in fact have one vegan option,

We got seated and in our party we had our parents, my significant other, my brother and his lovely daughter. Watching her grow and show personality is fascinating and I feel a great sense of pride when she placed her own order to the waitress with no fear showing through at all.

I ordered a vegan lentil burger and was curious to see what it would taste like ever since I became vegan I have actually not eaten out much and cooked my own meals not only due to that being a safe bet but more so that I can learn what I love and what I enjoy less.

Luckily for me the burger was delicious and I highly recommend going there if your curious.

We had a lovely dinner, the rest of my family isn't vegan but they respect my choice and are very considerate to that which is nice. My lovely mother that loves to cook for us make alternatives when we visit so I get more vegetables so I to can enjoy myself. My mum is a big reason why food is such an important subject in my life, her passion for a home made meal and natural talent for flavour is truly inspiring and I am happy we celebrated her turning 60 and that she had a lovely time.

It's been a very giving week and truly it's been soul food.

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