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The comfort of tea and good food | Blog

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies,

I have recently been in such a feel good mood. My head have been on a journey when it comes to food and as you all know I am on search for a diet that not only makes my body feel happy but also my soul. While I explore different types of food I find myself watching and reading many other's journey to food and it's so inspiring and surprising where my exploration have taken me.

I have ended up in the world of veganism, it's not like this world is unknown to me seeing as I've had friends when I was younger that was trying this type of food journey and I tried a few types of these cuisines myself because of them. I must say that in my search for nutritious food I am so pleased that there are so many great people out there creating fantastic content to not only be good pass time but to actually get those gears turning .So the inspiring influencers I found are a fantastic and I'm going to name a few in case your interested; Pick up limes, Good Eatings and Avant Garde Vegan.

So why do I bring this up, well there's more to food than just eating it's an experience, it's quality time, being social, nutrition and it is also what impact we have on the world. So due to my newfound knowledge I started thinking more about what I eat in terms of meat and I have begun eating less meat and substituted it with more vegan options and I am so surprised with many of the options that we have now as in term of vegan food it's fantastic.

As I said it's all new to me so I did purchase Gaz Oakley's cookbook Vegan 100 and I will see what it adds to my everyday dinning and I will keep you all updated on what I add into my life and why.

Oh and side note, bought a new tea with lemon meringue flavour and I am sitting here and the sun is bright outside and I am loving this moment and this cup of tea!

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